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Assumption Parish Sheriffs Office

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Community Involvement

Our team is committed to the people of this parish and will continue to work towards bettering the world around us by providing support and security, with honor and integrity. Working together we’ll ensure a better future.

Contact us for more information on how you can become a part of our Community Action programs.

Prescription Drop Box
The prescription drop box is a safe way to dispose of unused medications. You can bring all your unused medication to the Sheriff's Office and deposit in the drop box. No glass or syringes. This box is available for use Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm.

Contact the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) Hotline if you suspect the misappropriation (theft), fraud, waste or abuse of public funds by anyone.

Information provided to the LLA Hotline may result in an investigation, audit or other review.

When providing information to the LLA Hotline, please include sufficient detail (describing who, what, when, where, why and how) to allow us to fully evaluate your information. Although we will consider anonymous information, providing us with your name and telephone number will allow us to contact you with any additional questions that we have. Your name and telephone number, as well as the status of complaints, are confidential.


Toll-free: 1-844-50 FRAUD (503-7283)
Fax: 1-844-40 FRAUD (403-7283)
Online: ReportFraud.La
U.S. Mail: LLA Hotline, P.O. Box 94397, Baton Rouge, LA 70804