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SCAM - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

DATE:             WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2018
TO:                  ALL MEDIA OUTLETS


ASSUMPTIONThe Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office has seen a rise in cases concerning an ongoing scam. While investigating unauthorized credit and debit card transactions, detectives have found that after victims’ card information has been compromised, likely through the internet, transactions are occurring without authorization in online purchases. Those items purchased are being sent to individuals who believe they are working out of their homes for logistics companies by opening the packages, inspecting them, placing a label sent to them on the packages, and shipping them to a destination elsewhere. While there are legitimate logistics companies out there, scammers are using fraudulent logistics company identifications to lure individuals into believing they are working for them, when the ultimate purpose is to conceal the thief’s identity using unsuspecting citizens. After accepting the job, people are shipping, usually unknowingly, merchandise purchased with stolen credit cards or counterfeit money orders. The person accepting and sending the packages is actually acting as a coverup for the scammers to hide their identity. The fraudulent companies’ information and websites appear very realistic. These companies sometimes inform individuals that they are placed into a probationary phase and will pay them afterwards, but they never pay the "workers” for their services. There have been reports where they have paid, but paid their "employees” with counterfeit documents.

Please be vigilant when signing up to work for an online logistics company on job listing websites or that may randomly contact you.

Anyone who participates in this type of fraudulent program not only assists the suspects in breaking the law, but may also be investigated as to possibly being involved in illegal activity. Feel free to contact the Sheriff’s Office Detectives Division at 985-526-1627 if you have questions or concerns before participating in something that can be illegal. If you are currently participating in something like this or have in the past, we suggest that you contact the Sheriff’s Office as well before potentially taking place in ongoing criminal activity.


For additional information concerning this News Release, contact Sheriff Leland Falcon or Public Information Officer, Lonny Cavalier at 985-369-7281.


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