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Grandparent Scam - Thursday, February 21, 2019

DATE:             THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2019
TO:                  ALL MEDIA OUTLETS



Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Detectives have handled several cases regarding the "Grandparent Scam”. This is a common scam in which victims receive phone calls indicating that their grandchild had been in a crash, or some similar event, and was incarcerated, typically involving a DWI. The grandparent is urged to send a monetary amount, normally via mail or some other manner, in order to assist in bonding the grandchild out of jail. Further, the grandparent is urged to not tell the grandchild’s parents in order to not provide knowledge of the arrest to them just yet. This is a scam that circulated some time back, but appears to have been restarted. Detectives urge you to not send cash in any event and contact the Sheriff’s Office with any concerns should you receive a call of this nature. This is a common scam to which many actual grandparents unfortunately do fall victim. Luckily in this incident, the grandparents realized that it may be a scam and did not send any money. Detectives were able to assure them after reviewing the information that the case was a commonly known scam.



If in doubt, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (985) 369-2912 or Detectives at (985) 526-1627


For additional information concerning this News Release, contact Sheriff Leland Falcon or Public Information Officer, Lonny Cavalier at 985-369-7281.


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