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On the evening of June 12, 2012, the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division conducted a narcotics operation in the Belle Rose area. Narcotics Detectives staged at a predetermined location off LA Highway 308 in Belle Rose. Once in place, Narcotics Detectives contacted an individual by the name of Russell Prean to deliver an amount of crack cocaine to their location. Shortly after, Prean (who was positively identified by Detectives on the scene) arrived at the location driving a1995 Mercury, white in color. Narcotics Detectives converged on the area, and clearly identified themselves as Sheriff’s Deputies with the use of emergency police lights and Sheriff’s Office uniforms. Narcotics Detectives then placed themselves at different areas on and along Highway 308 in an attempt to apprehend Prean. At this point, Prean, who was still stationary in his vehicle and facing northbound in the southbound lane, attempted to drive his vehicle in reverse to evade Detectives, but saw that he was unsuccessful in doing so. Prean then put his vehicle into drive and began driving at a high rate of speed into the northbound lane and aiming the vehicle directly into the path of one of the Narcotics Detectives. Fearing for his life, the Narcotics Detective fired three (3) rounds from his duty weapon into the vehicle in attempts to stop Prean from hitting him. It is believed that two (2) of those rounds struck Prean’s vehicle. After firing his weapon at Prean, this gave the detective just enough time to move and avoid being directly struck by Prean. Prean then continued to drive his vehicle northbound on LA 308 and turned onto Massey lane. Narcotics Detectives then gave chase onto Massey Lane, but at one point lost Prean and his vehicle. As Detectives looped onto Freetown Lane, Detectives observed Prean running from a cane field area onto Freetown Lane. Detectives once again announced their presence to Prean and advised him to stop fleeing from them, but Prean did not heed the command. Prean then fled behind the residence of 187 Freetown Lane, where he was finally apprehended by Detectives.

Once in custody, Detectives searched and located an amount of suspect cocaine and crack cocaine on Prean’s person, along with $220.00 in cash and other personal items. Prean was placed in the back of a police unit without further incident and transported to the Assumption Parish Detention Center, where he is currently being held. He has been charged with the following: Attempted Murder on a Peace Officer, Aggravated Flight from an Officer and Possession with intent to Distribute Schedule II (cocaine/crack cocaine) Controlled Dangerous Substances. Bond has not been set as of the time of this release.


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