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Baton Rouge Couple Rescued After Boat Sinks in Lake Verrett... ... Couple Climbed Trees To Escape Alligatiors - Monday, June 25, 2012
The Assumption Parish’s Sheriff’s Office received a call around 9 p.m. last night from a relative of a Baton Rouge couple stating that the couple launched their boat at the Bayou Corne Boat Launch around noon Sunday but they had failed to return. The Sheriff’s Office dispatched its Water Search and Rescue Unit headed by Reserve Deputy Scott Domingue and Reserve Deputy Adam Mayon who launched a search vessel and began the search with two other boats. The St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office also sent a boat and assisted in the search. Around 10:20 p.m., a relative contacted the Sheriff’s Office stating that they received a text message from his brother stating that "they were broken down across the lake”. This text had been sent that afternoon but was just noticed by the relative. Just after midnight, Deputies located the subjects about 15 feet high in a cypress tree about a half mile south of the Cracker Head Canal in a cypress swamp which outlines Lake Verrett. The subjects stated that they had a mechanical failure around 5p.m. and waves eventually swamped the boat and it sank in Lake Verrett. They were in a 14 foot Monarch Boat powered by a 30 horsepower outboard motor. They swam towards the trees off Lake Verrett and waited for help or a passing boater. Before dark they noticed alligators in the area moving in their direction so they chose to climb cypress trees to escape the threat. Deputies indicated that upon rescue and recovery, they noted several active alligators in their vicinity. The rescued Baton Rouge Couple (45 yoa W/M and 48 yoa W/F) was brought to Joe Gaudet’s Boat Landing in Pierre Part where they were examined by the Pierre Part Fire and Rescue and Acadian Ambulance. They were later transported back to their vehicle parked at the launch. The Boat was also recovered by the Sheriff’s Office and transported back the landing.


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