Patrol Deputy in Assumption Parish


Patrol Deputy


Assumption Parish


Full Time


The primary responsibility of the Deputy Sheriff is to protect life and property and enforce laws and statutes on behalf of the citizens. Duties include patrolling assigned geographical areas, responding to crimes in progress, investigation of crimes and motor vehicle accidents, transporting prisoners, testifying in court, and resolving juvenile, neighborhood, and domestic complaints. Additional duties include serving warrants, crisis intervention, interviewing persons with complaints, as well as witnesses, investigating natural and unnatural deaths, and thorough documentation of activities by report writing.

Officers are expected to use the minimum force necessary to carry out their duties and are required to handle a variety of potentially volatile and dangerous situations in a calm, confident, and effective manner.



  • Graduate from an accredited senior high school or GED equivalent.
  • Possess a valid Louisiana driver’s license.
  • Must be a Certified Peace Officer recognized by the State of Louisiana.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen and be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be able to work rotating shift assignments and maintain proper attendance.

Special Requirements

  • Requires physical agility and strength to perform the essential functions of the job.
  • Ability to run, walk, jump, sit, stoop, bend, climb, crawl, reach, pull, and twist.
  • Must be able to wrestle with, restrain, and handcuff a combative suspect.
  • Must have hand-eye coordination, including the ability to grip with the fingers and hands.
  • Must have clear vision.
  • Must be able to effectively hear and speak in conversation.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Functions and Skills: Knowledge of the responsibilities of APSO, as well as the geography of Assumption Parish.
  • Skill in the safe operation of motor vehicles.
  • Effective negotiation, mediation, and communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Able to develop skills in the use of firearms and other law enforcement equipment.
  • Effectively cope with stressful situations tactfully and with respect to the rights of others.
  • Ability to read, interpret and communicate, and apply laws ordinances and regulations.
  • Maintain an effective professional relationship with co-workers, supervisors, and citizens.
  • Must be able to observe, recall, and communicate details.
  • Must be able to analyze situations quickly and objectively.
  • Must be able to recognize potential and actual danger and determine a proper response.
  • Ability to learn new skills and stay current with changes in state laws and parish ordinances.


Anyone with information on the suspects listed below is urged to call the Assumption
Parish Sheriff’s Office – Ph: 985.369.7281

911 985-369-2912

Sheriff Leland J. Falcon

112 Franklin Street
Napoleonville, LA 70390
Ph: 985.369.7281
Fax: 985.369.1395

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Administrative Office

112 Franklin Street
Napoleonville, LA 70390
Ph: 985.369.7281
Fax: 985.369.1395

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Criminal Investigation Division

2635 Hwy 1
Labadieville, LA 70372
Ph: 985.526.1627
Fax: 985.526.1631

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Narcotics Division

2635 Hwy 1
Labadieville, LA 70372
Ph: 985.526.1629
Fax: 985.526.1631

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Juvenile Division

Napoleonville Primary School 185 Hwy 1008
Napoleonville, LA 70390
Ph: 985.369.8742

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Communications Center

112 Franklin Street
Napoleonville, LA 70390
Ph: 985.369.2912
Fax: 985.369.7540

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Pierre Part Substation

112 North Curtis Street
Pierre Part, LA 70339
Ph: 985.252.8100
Fax: 985.252.3544

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Bayou L’Ourse Substation

1214 Hwy 662
Bayou L’Ourse, LA 70380
Ph: 985.631.6611
Fax: 985.631.0051

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Detention Center

233 Hwy 1008
Napoleonville, LA 70390
Ph: 985.369.7283
Fax: 985.369.9782

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Belle Rose Substation

7089A Hwy 1
Belle Rose, LA 70341
Ph: 985.369.7574
Fax: 985.526.1631

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